E-Learning – The Next-Gen Learning Way

Earlier times have witnessed students going to schools for education but with the advent of the e-learning process education is now available at students’ computers. It has proved to be a tremendous spark of hope for people who have been isolated from education due to lack of time and money. The technological advancement in learning is spreading its wings across the globe. In today’s fast changing, nerve-racking and aggressive lifestyle, “advancement and change” has become an inseparable part. CBSE, in order to give a global touch to the education system, has adopted the e-learning process in its curriculum.

Studies have become a web-oriented activity with the arrival of “Internet” in every home. With the flexibility of time and resources, e-learning provides an easy and convenient platform including technology-delivered instruction and web-based training, online lectures, online forums and chat rooms and live virtual classes. Although the NCERT books have provided knowledge to the students but need to refer to many books eventually has been a trouble. Online education system has become a helping hand to overcome this difficulty. An intense research of all the study materials such as question banks, research papers, journals, case studies etc. has taken a shape of an efficient, exclusive and ground-breaking online learning product for CBSE students.

Online learning process is a bliss providing sample papers, board papers, Solved papers and Online test, so that a student can study even while sitting at home and get prepared for the CBSE exams.

The e-learning solution served by the CBSE is a multimedia based learning content developed in line with the NCERT pattern.

Tools as web based applications (Internet, intranet, etc.), PDA audio/video tapes, satellite television; CD-ROMs, collaborative softwares etc are used. Education and learning material is provided through means of lectures, tutorials, performance tests, games, trainings, theoretical content and instructions based exercises and assessment is done through assignments etc. The online features helps student to polish subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, which require continuous practice, because in these examinations where each and every step counts. Facility of online practice provides various types of test papers for all classes where a student can choose from various options of duration, number of chapter and difficulty levels.

This process has been designed keeping in mind that human mind is capable of retaining picture, audio and other sensory perceptions for a longer duration than words. It has a facility where the mentors and tutors can record the live lectures and pass it on to the students when required.

Video-conferencing Facility helps the students in taking advantage of the skill, talent, experience and knowledge of renowned experts and trainers and students can revise the lessons and strengthen their weaker sections easily. It even provides customized courses to satisfy the students providing preferred courses.

E-learning provides a cost effective and quality education with reliability. E learning is also including games and simulation exercises in the courseware to promote the “learn with fun” model. The online study is becoming a boon for the millions of students appearing for the CBSE exams every year.

Apple iPhone 4G – Next Gen Phone Brings You Future Technologies

People had high hopes from Apple iPhone 4G and it perfectly met their expectations. Apple iPhone 4G was announced in a glitzy ceremony at World Wide Developers Conference 2010. Apple CEO, Steve Jobs was very happy to announce this handset. He went on to say “, “This is our new baby. I hope you love it as much as we do. We think it’s the biggest leap we’ve taken since the original iPhone”. The WWDC was attended by more than 5000 people from 57 countries across the world. At present, the Apple iPhone 4G is available in two colors: Black and White.

comes with a bunch of new features packed in a new design. Apple iPhone 4G packs a thin 9.3mm body with a metallic frame encircling the body. The metallic frame also acts as an antenna. The iPhone 4 back is also covered by glass much like the display upfront. This is new hardened engineered glass somewhat better than plastic.

The handset is compatible to work on both 2G and 3G networks.this sports 3.5 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen capable to display 16M colors. It has features like multi touch input, accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation and proximity sensor for auto-turn off. The handset is provided with 3.5 mm headset jack for music lovers. You can capture digital quality pictures with 5MP camera having features like auto-focus, LED flash, 5X digital zoom, Touch focus and geo-tagging. It can record 720p videos at 30fps. Secondary video-cam is also present. The handset runs on Apple iPhone OS 4. The handset can access Wi-Fi, transfer data with Bluetooth and USB. The handset is both EDGE and 3G enabled. The new handset also has a better battery, which allows 7 hours of talktime and 10 hours of web browsing on a wi-fi network. It also features a gyroscope which would enhance motion input in games.

this devices is a dream phone. It is really a next gen phone laced with many new technologies. Apple iPhone 4G will be available in USA, France, Germany, UK and Japan from 24th June. In USA, Verizon Wireless and AT&T are among the operators to provide their services on 4G.

A Basic How to Get Website Traffic Strategy: Link Building

However much you deny it, the fact still remains that the Web is a vast space of URLs that are linked together one way or another. If you just take the time to click through every single link that is connected to a single page you have just visited, you would be able to visit tons of other websites without even realizing it. Browsing around is like going through your campus where you actually know almost everyone even if you have not really exchanged even a single word with them.

This is the silent working principle that every Internet user knows by heart-even if they seldom acknowledge it. When you do research about a certain topic, you click through one of the links you find in the results page of a search engine. From there, you begin to dig deeper into the topic within that page until you find you have actually visited more than a couple of other websites already. Now, this is also the same principle that all online marketing individuals base their strategies on.

Link building is a concept that everyone who wants to know how to get website traffic has become familiar with. In a nutshell, link building is an online system in which a link to your website is posted in other pages. For optimized results, the link to your page must be posted or featured in websites that have a large following and that is considered as highly relevant by search engines.

As a marketing strategy, the success of link building is quite dependent on how good is the quality of the websites posting a back link to your own page. You want to be sure that only sites relevant to your brand, company, or product would be posting links to your page. Doing so benefits you in more ways than you would think of. One of the benefits you get from quality link building is that it helps in targeting exactly the market you want to reach. There is a bigger chance that the people who visit the websites featuring back links to your page are looking for something relevant to what your business offers. Having the link builds, therefore, can help you reach these potential clients.

Another benefit of link building is that it helps in guaranteeing that your website is search engine optimized to the extent that you gain high rankings in results pages. When search engines classify as of good quality the websites on which your links are posted, they are also likely to consider your own page as relevant and important enough to pull up in keyword searches in the future. This gives a boost in the reputation that your website holds, which eventually also leads you to more traffic and an increased chance of getting more sales.

Link building is just as helpful even if the Internet users do not really visit your page the first time. At the very least, the goal is to just be present in those high-ranking pages so that it can easily be seen when an Internet user suddenly feels the need to go to your website. Instead of going through the search engine process again, which most people find too inconvenient that they just discard the idea altogether, they would only have to revisit the page they have already been in and from there click through to your


In most ways, link building relates well to the word-of-mouth marketing strategy that most traditional business owners engage in. You have to build good and harmonious relationships with the owners of the websites in which you would like your links posted. Sometimes, this kind of relationship also comes at an expense in that they would only post a link to your website if you do the same for them. Others even charge a minimal fee for posting the link.

On the whole, link building is one of the best strategies on how to get website traffic. If you put your heart into it, you would be able to find that there are more benefits to link building than what you think. Add this to the roster of strategies you would be using and be amazed at how easily it can complement the other tactics you utilize.

Gen Y Challenges Employee Training

Take a look at your front-line call center or retail sales employees. Most of these entry level jobs are filled with people under 29 years of age. Nicknamed “Generation Y”, this group of 60 million Americans is the most adaptable and computer literate generation the world has seen. But, they think and act differently than previous generations of employees.

Why is this generation different from “Boomer” and “Generation X” employees? Eric Chester, the author who coined the term “Generation Why” says, “Generation Y won’t automatically offer up their respect just because someone is older or has a title.” They won’t automatically accept what you teach in your training courses. Instead, you need to tap into the secret that drives them.

What is that secret? “They pledge their hearts and souls to causes that they believe in, which makes them very loyal employees.” says Chester. “They are idealistic and yet cynical. They won’t just follow orders.”

So if you want to develop professional excellence in your call center or retail sales team, you need to customize your courses to appeal to Gen Y attitudes.

Here are 5 tips to train your Gen Y call center or retail sales employees:


  1. Earn their loyalty. Give them training and an opportunity to excel. Tap into their idealism and desire to be loyal. Whatever you do, do not betray that trust or they will quit. They saw their parent, or parents (much of this generation was raised in single parent homes) sacrifice family time in pursuit of a career, only to be eventually downsized. So, Generation Y’s are willing to sacrifice their carers in exchange for family and more downtime. They will be loyal to a cause but impatient if they feel betrayed.
  2. Use facts to overcome their cynicism. These teenagers and young adults are the first generation to be deliberately targeted by mass marketers and TV commercials. They are cynical because they have been lied to before. You need to prove through facts and case histories why they should believe you.
  3. Don’t be surprised if they challenge you or dare to say, “Why should I believe you?” They are not being deliberately rude. But, they need to find out “Why?” before they will accept your advice. They are capable of being loyal but will not give that loyalty easily.
  4. Get to the point! Raised with the Internet and cell phones, they are used to instant gratification. For example, if you are over 30 years old and wanted music, you probably bought a CD (or for those of us who are over 40, a vinyl record.) Generation Y downloads music instantly via the Internet. As a result, when you hold a call center or retail sales training session, you need to make your point quickly and directly.
  5. Do not confuse impatience with indifference. If they believe your training session is unimportant, they will interrupt you or tune you out. But, if you can show why your training workshop is important, you will have their full attention.

Remember that your new call center or retail sales employees want an energetic training session that appeals to their idealism, answers their questions and shows how their contribution makes a difference. Treat your Generation Y employees with respect. They will reward you with their adaptability, computer savvy and yes, loyalty.

What Is Link Trading and How Do You Trade?

Have you ever thought of obtaining links from other high quality sites through trading? This has enormous benefits as it will help bring you the desired traffic while at the same time assist in improving your rankings. You will be at a position to generate a lot of traffic from the people who click the links that link to your site.

There is a special way that the search engines treat a site which has many links that point back to it. Those sites are considered to be of high quality hence they have ad upper hand advantage when it comes to being ranked. But how is link trading done? There are many techniques that can be adopted in link trading. You should ensure that you invest in a software that will enable you carry out this task as it involves many requests, contacts and link categorizations.

While selecting the right software to use, you should ensure that you get the one that will offer you the opportunity to create ad links to the directory while also sending the necessary requests to have your site links posted on the sites which you believe are of high quality. It should also offer you the chance to receive all the necessary responses concerning your requests.

After you have identified the site you would like to link to, the process of link trading starts. You should select sites that have relevance in terms of content to your site. The site should have a section of it which is dedicated to the topic of your site. You should never ink to sites that are not well ranked as this may be an impediment that will make it hard to achieve your results.

After the identification, you will have a link to that site posted on your site. There are times where the links are posted on different sites where you would like to get links from but this should not be a source of worry to you as this will bring you reciprocal links that will help improve the rankings of your site. After the successful posting of the link, you will receive a request which informs you of the need to post a back link. If this is not done within a certain time period, the original link will be removed. But if you return a link, you will have completed the link trading process successfully.

Trading in links has its own etiquette. For instance, you should never ask to trade ion links without posting a link. Many of these requests will not be answered hence it’s imperative that you post a link before making your formal request. This is because the webmasters of those other sites may wonder what will motivate you to post the links after they accept your request if you cannot do it at the beginning?

As you may not be aware, link trading is not a simple process. It calls for huge sacrifice in terms of time and resources. You will need to be organized and also wit for a long time. However, you will definitely achieve your goals if you persist to the end.

Getting Ready to Set a Chain Link Post

You have decided to install a fence on your property. The first thing you are going to want to decide is whether you want to hire a fence contractor or install the fence yourself. There are many factors in the decision to hire the project out or install the fence yourself.

Before you begin find your property pins or measure from a plot map that is provided to you from your local government agency. You are also going to need to locate your underground utilities and sprinkler lines. For your underground utilities you can call a locate company, it is usually a free service provided by your local utility company. Once you have established the property lines and located your underground obstructions then now you are ready to mark your post locations.

First you need to determine where you want your gates and what size of gates you are going to need. Most commonly your gate needs will be a walk gate which is usually between three and four feet. Standard sizes or stock sizes, which are what most wholesale fence companies stock, are 36″, 42″ and 48″. If you need a size other than the stock size of the gate, it will usually be a special order. If you have a riding lawn mower a five foot gate will most likely work.

Once you measure for your gate post you can measure your line post. The line posts are the post in-between the end post that are also called the terminals. If you have a 100′ measuring tape it will make the next step a little easier, but a 25′ tape will work. Measure the whole distance of your line and divide the measurement by 10, if it comes out for example to be 8 ten foot sections and a 3 foot sections try taking the number and dividing it evenly so you have 9 evenly spaced sections. You don’t want to have one small section on the end of the line.

Make sure you dig your post against the home first to make sure there is no drainage pipe of footing in your way. If you do find drainage pipe or concrete footing next to your house, you can attach a pressure treated 2×4 to the home. When stringing your fence line drive your stakes in the ground about 18 inches past where you intend to dig your corner post.