Gen Y – How to Dine For Dollars Without Leaving Hungry

I’m too young to remember the three-martini lunch. My dad tells me it was popular when the economy was chugging along and expense accounts were not audited. My how things have changed. Nowadays companies scrutinize every request for meal reimbursement-and that’s if you can get away long enough to have lunch! As the rules that govern a business meal have increased, so has the importance of sharing food and precious face time with colleagues and clients.

Having embarrassed myself at more than one business meal early in my career-including taking an important client to lunch without bringing my wallet-I want to share the lessons I’ve learned the hard way (such as putting my foot in my mouth instead of my food).

Jason’s Eight Steps to Dine for Dollars:

1) Make a reservation at a restaurant that fits the tone of your meeting. If you’re going to review paperwork, pick a place with larger tables that is well lit and not too noisy. If possible, request a table that is in a quieter area of the restaurant. Be considerate of your guests by choosing a restaurant that has plenty of parking or easy access to public transportation.

2) Create and e-mail a simple meeting agenda to each attendee three business days before the lunch. The agenda should include discussion topics, information or resources attendees should bring, and ideas you’d like them to consider ahead of time. Include an end time so attendees can plan accordingly.

3) Send a reminder and reconfirm the time and address the day before your meeting. Also re-confirm your reservation with the restaurant. Whenever possible, send a link to the restaurant’s website along with contact information including a map, menu and recommended attire. Your forethought allows everyone to arrive prepared.

4) Arrive at the restaurant at least ten minutes early. When estimating how long it will take for you to get to the restaurant, give yourself extra time in case there is construction, traffic, or you are about to set the record on Golden Tee. If you arrive late to a lunch that you’re hosting, you’ll be more than embarrassed. You’ll be on the hook to pay, which means everyone will order filet mignon and desert.

5) Once seated, take the lead by making sure that everyone has been introduced to each other. To get the meeting off to a good start, ask guests for their appetizer preferences. If you can’t reach an agreement quickly, order more than one appetizer and move on with the meeting.

6) After everyone has placed their meal order, review the agenda and determine how much time you will need to cover everything. Since you’re running the meeting, you need to know when to stop talking about The Dark Night and start talking shop. Once you start the meeting, take notes or ask for a volunteer to take notes. Good food and bubbly adult beverages can obscure even the best of memories. E-mail the notes to all participants after the meeting.

7) Pay the entire bill yourself or suggest how to split the bill. If you’re going to split the bill, let your server know as soon as you are seated. When the bill comes, check to see if the tip is included. If not, decide on an appropriate tip percentage for the entire table. If dividing the bill becomes too stressful, be a professional and pay the difference. Colleagues and clients are much more inclined to have another meal with a person who throws in a few extra bucks rather than the one who asks the table to come up with the missing 74 cents. Personally, I believe you should always pay for a business meal when you are meeting with clients. While splitting the bill with colleagues is acceptable, when you pay the bill, you set yourself up for them to offer to pay for the next one-which makes it more likely there will be a next one.

8) Review any follow-up items and thank everyone who came. By opening and closing the lunch conversation, you are establishing and reinforcing your role. You also get the last word which is the one most people remember. If the meal is with people you’ve just met, exchange business cards along with handshakes.

When you become known for hosting fun and productive business meals, you will find colleagues and clients eager to give you extra time and attention. You’ll also learn that there may not be a truly free meal, but a successful business meal will pay for itself over and over. Bon appetit!

The Slow Motion Game


Recently, a friend invited me to stop and slow down. Just for a few minutes.

I slipped off my shoes and felt the cool stepping stones in her garden under my feet. In a few short minutes, with all systems slowed to the moment in front of me, I felt like Alice in Wonderland-one moment staring up at the giant, waving leaf of a tropical banana tree and the next moment bent down, in awe at the mini, star-shaped moss tuft peeking out between a crack in the stones.

Ten minutes later, as I finished up this walking meditation in her garden, refreshed and ready to go about with my busy day, I knew it was something I wanted to remember to continue as a regular practice for myself and share with my favorite seven year old.

“Hey,” I said to the curly haired boy, “Wanna play The Slow Motion Game with me?”

“What’s that?” he responded, with the keen skepticism of a seven year old who has been around the block and played a zillion games or two in his lifetime so far.

“Well, it’s a kind of discovery game. We slow dooooown.” I started talking in slow motion speak. “And when we look aroooound we see things that we’ve neeeeeverrr seeeeeen beforrrrrrre.”

I could see the spark of interest lit in his eyes now.

“And whoever finds the most cool stuff is the winner?” he yelled excitedly.

“Sure, something like that.”

Five… Close your eyes

Four… Slowing down

Three… Your mind is going to sleep

Two… Your body is getting very relaxed

One… You are in slow motion mode. Open your eyes… And GO… s l o w w w w w w w w…

Our bare feet made their way slowly through the back yard. The dirt felt good sinking between my toes. I watched out of the corner of my eye as the boy did his best slow mummy walk and then presently crouched down.

Between the two of us, we discovered treasures galore in our familiar backyard space.

An army of ants coming out of tiny hole in the flower bed, a bright green arrowhead-shaped sprout shooting out ninety degrees from a tree branch, a baby fly sunning its translucent wings, a baby bee buzzing. We discovered the glossy, tightly curled leaf of a waxy flower pushing its way upward, and crystalline water drops sitting in the very center of a regal succulent. A family of pincher bugs scurried away as we studied the natural, hieroglyphic markings on an old tree stump.

Long after we finished playing, the curly haired boy was still bent over, looking at potato bugs curled up in tree hollows or looking up through tree branches, discovering many more unseen treasures in the garden.

I didn’t mention to the wild-haired one the part that we would feel ourselves coming back to ourselves during this game.

I didn’t mention that by slowing down our spinning minds, we would enliven all our other senses, as we became part of the world in front of us.

I didn’t mention that by slowing down, we recharge and reconnect with that vital source within us.

I didn’t mention that part to him. I didn’t have to.

Yes, this was a good game.


Aztec Five Suns – A Historical Record?

In 1469, the ruler Axayacatl commissioned the creation of the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone on 25 tons of basalt. Measuring almost 12′ in diameter and 3′ thick, the carving on the stone is a work of art that contains complex mathematical and astronomical information we are just beginning to understand. The Calendar Stone reveals knowledge of the orbital relationships of the earth, mars, venus and the sun.

Since its discovery in 1790, the Aztec Sun Stone has fascinated man with its wealth of detailed information. Society is willing to accept the veracity of the mathematical and astronomical content and yet brushes aside the central content of the Aztec Sun Stone as simple mythology. But if such a scientifically sophisticated culture should find this record of such import that they would literally carve it into stone, then perhaps we should reconsider.

The Aztec Sun Stone holds a record of five ages. It tells the story of five times when civilization had been created and four times that it had been destroyed. First by earthquake, hurricane, fire and lastly by a flood that sank mountains in a single day.

If the world had undergone severe catastrophic changes and multiple rebirths, then surely the Aztec Sun Stone should not be the sole witness. It isn’t. World mythology is replete with stories of destruction and rebuilding and repopulation. All of the most ancient civilizations tell of worldwide cataclysms that have caused man to start and restart.

Sacred Buddhist texts, including the Bhagavat Purana, the Matsya Purana, and the Mahabharata, all speak of four great cataclysms that have destroyed civilizations in ages past. They list it in the exact same order as the Aztecs – earthquake, hurricane, fire and flood. And just like the Aztecs, they consider our current age as the fifth cycle. Consider that these cultures developed on opposite ends of the globe and one begins to wonder if there may be a grain of truth.

The ancient manuscripts of the Satapatha Brahmana, which is pre-Buddhist, also carries the record of the four destructions in the same order.

Christians would probably be quite surprised to discover that the record of these four global catastrophes can also be found within the pages of the Bible. Most people are familiar with Noah’s flood, but fail to grasp the magnitude of it. Biblical texts tells us that “…all the fountains of the great deep burst open,”(Gen. 7:11 NASB) Some speculate that this earth shattering event was when the continents ripped apart.

Biblical texts record the same order of destruction –earthquake, hurricane, fire and flood. Yet what makes the Bible unique is that it often warns of the cataclysms in advance. Using men called prophets, God told mankind of the coming global catastrophes.

Scriptures also make it clear that the destruction of civilization in ages past were no accident. God claims responsibility for these worldwide desolations and explains why.

Come, behold the works of the LORD,
Who has wrought desolations in the earth.
He makes wars to cease to the end of the earth;
He breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two;
He burns the chariots with fire. (Psalms 46:8-9 NASB)

Mankind’s bent for war and world domination makes any kind of technological advancement a potential weapon of mass destruction. Our current civilization has amassed an arsenal sufficient to destroy us several times over. It appears that in the past ages the God of Heaven and Earth had used global catastrophes as a reset button in order to preserve life on our planet.

It is getting harder to ignore the voices of our predecessors who are telling us something we may not want to hear. That our world may not be the steady predictable creature that we take for granted. Maybe if we were willing to listen without bias we would solve much of the ‘mysteries’ of archaeology and other scientific conundrums that we often put away on a shelf of the unknown.

High Heels – Your Best Friend


Have you ever saw an American movie called “In Her Shoes”?

Rose and Maggie (performed by Cameron Diaz) are sisters who claim to have nothing in common but DNA, a tragic childhood, and a shared shoe size. Rose owns an attorney position, a conservative personality, and a secret passion for romance. She is sophisticated with work but timid to her plain figure and appearance. Therefore, Rose stores a full wardrobe of high heels without enough courage to wear them out and show them off. Maggie, the little one who is absolutely reverse version of her sister, features drop-dead gorgeous, loafer, flirtation, and troublemaker. She left home without farewell after being caught at the scene when she was carrying on a clandestine love affair with Rose’s boyfriend. In terms of women, the climax comes as Rose gives up her admirable job to then bravely wears the high heels she likes to hide into wardrobe. She successfully goes through a change of outlook on her relationship with Maggie-her   unique  sister, the man she has wrongly loved and the man she should love and treasure at present. Everything can start from “head”, as well as “foot”, not just curing the sequela of losing love.

“When I feel bad, I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good. Foods just make me fatter. Shoes always fit.” The lines, from Rose, reveal her secret: she is not the prude that she looks like in appearance, but a lovely girl who is keenly obsessed with various high heels as well. Numberless pairs of housed high heels are her bosom friend, listening to her success, happiness sharing her upset and cheering her up when she is in low spirit. Even though Rose just buy them then hide them without debut with them, she still be companied and placated by their sweetness and attention.

Men may leave and love may be pulled away, but high heels will always stay.


Summer Infant Best View Color Video Baby Monitor Review


The Summer Infant Best View color video baby monitor is one of the highest rated video monitors you can buy to help you keep an eye on your child. It is loaded with features that put it a cut above the rest. The camera pans and zooms, the 2.5″ screen size is easy to see, and it provides reliable performance.

The digital technology used in this monitor ensures that the image of your baby won’t be transmitted beyond your home. With night vision technology, you can see your baby even in the dark and the one-touch on/off button lets you take a quick look for reassurance at any time.

Summer Infant Best View Product Description

The 100% digital system allows complete privacy without having to search for a clear channel. The camera can be wall mounted and remotely controlled to zoom in, pan, or scan the room. The digital menu is controlled by a toggle switch found on the 2.4Ghz parents unit. The clear picture is transmitted either in full color when the lights are on, or in black & white night vision with the use of LED lights to provide a look at your baby in the dark.

The digital picture on the 2.5″ LCD screen of the parents unit has a range of 350′ from the nursery unit and transmits privately and securely.

Summer Infant Best View Features

  • One 2.5ghz parents unit
  • 2.5″ LCD color screen
  • Belt clip
  • One touch on/off button for reduced battery drain
  • Toggle switch to navigate menus for changing camera angle, camera settings and volume control
  • Rechargeable battery and A/C adapter
  • Battery and signal strength
  • Automatic shut off of the video screen preventing unnecessary drain on the batteries
  • Parent unit stand
  • Light and sound indicators
  • Full color camera with black and white night vision
  • Camera pan, scan and zoom
  • Microphone

Summer Infant Best View Review

This monitor offers the security of a 100% digital transmission, meaning the image of your baby won’t be visible to others who might use the same channel. The 2.5″ LCD screen is a great size for viewing your baby in the handheld parent unit. Night vision makes it easy to check in on your child and the on/off button means you can look and then let the screen turn back off to avoid disturbing your own sleep in the middle of the night with constant light from the screen.

The panning, scanning and zooming features of the camera make it easy to keep track of baby, even with a lot of movement. Extra cameras can also be added to the unit and set up in different rooms or at different angles.

Wireless home networks might interfere with the performance of this monitor. While additional cameras can be added, additional parent units are not available. The addition of a complete set can provide an extra parent unit attached to a different camera for dual parent coverage.

The Best View monitor is rated as having a very clear picture with little to no static, and the 2.5″ LCD is large enough to see well. Most users have been very pleased with the performance of the unit.

The Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor has all of the features a parent could ask for in a unit of this type. It gives a great view of the baby from all angles with the remote controlled panning and zooming features and the night vision lets you see your baby at night. If you are looking for a clear, color view of your baby, this monitor fits the bill.


Gen X Moms at Work

Employers are now facing a unique phenomenon. Successful female Gen X Managers (late 20’s through early 40’s) are walking away from the management status their predecessors fought so hard to establish, to get back to a more traditional family lifestyle.

Gen Xers yearn for a far simpler life including the family time many missed during their own childhood. And although the new female exodus away from VP titles and corporate status leaves many senior executives scratching their heads, it is easier to understand than you may think. 40% of all Gen Xers were touched by divorce, and most came home from school to dark empty households, as their Boomer parents often sacrificed family for careers. The concept of a family dinner, so common to Boomers, was something seen by Gen X children only on the Cosby Show. And in the end, the same dedicated parents were laid off or downsized during the 1980’s, establishing an inherent lack of trust in corporations for most Gen Xers.

Is it really so much of a surprise that many female managers have decided to put the corporate ladder in the closet to spend a few years with their children? According to Time Magazine (Claudia Wallis), the proportion of working moms with children under the age of 3 dropped again in 2002, and will continue to decline as the trend continues. At the same time support groups or clubs of former female executives leaving the workplace are growing dramatically across the country.

In addition, due to the reduced size of Generation X, up to 20 million less in number than that of their Boomer counterparts, many experts are predicting a mid-level manager shortfall of up to 10 million workers as early as 2010. With the advent of female managers leaving to stay at home, the numbers may be even larger than earlier forecasted. Even Gen Xers remaining in management roles today, both male and female, have a track record of changing jobs every 36 months. And the turnover costs of this trend will continue to hit corporate bottom lines across the country.

The potential solutions may include changing the existing paradigms to maximize the potential of the talented Gen X moms. With a little management creativity, Gen X moms may be able to have their cake, bake it at home, and eat it with their family as well. Gen Xers as a group still carry significant debt and companies developing flexible programs to provide incremental income will set the tone for the future.

New concepts often referred to as “Worklife” programs have proven to be successful solutions. According to Deborah Holmes, director of Ernst & Young’s Office of Retention, two-thirds of their employees who used their flexible work arrangements said they would have left or not joined the company in the first place, if these policies had not existed. SHRM, Mosaic.

1. Job Sharing plans so often dismissed by today’s senior management and traditional human resource departments may be the norm of tomorrow’s successful organizations.

2. On site Child Care facilities, gaining popularity in progressive organizations may also be more common when combined with 9 am to 1 pm shortened workdays to accommodate Gen X moms, and their afternoon and evening family activities.

3. Telecommute opportunities for Gen X moms will need to become the norm as opposed to the exception, for companies searching for ways to stay ahead of the curve in human capital management.

4. More companies will be willing to ask their Gen X moms to suggest programs or creative flexible structures to accommodate their unique needs, rather than lose a valuable employee and incur the high cost of replacement. This process will provide female Gen Xers “equity” or “ownership” in the flexibility of the programs and increase their participation. Ask and you will receive…

5. Finally, many new organizations such as Mothers & More (7,500 members,) may be a prime resource for potential talented female employees. These include women who are sequencing in or out of the workforce, searching for flexible opportunities with progressive organizations.

Adaptability and flexible programs to address the growing needs of these valuable resources will be the benchmark of tomorrow’s successful companies. It may be time to modify the traditional structure and seize this unique opportunity.

Next Gen iPhone in June 2009?

With Apples forthcoming World Wide Developer Conference scheduled to start on the 8th June 2009, the rumour-mill has been on overtime with the anticipated announcement of the next generation iPhone.

As usual nothing will be confirmed until the day, but the general betting are for the inclusion of the following features.


  1. Memory – Expect 16GB to be entry and 32GB to be the premium model. Improvements to Camera – are almost a certainty. –
  2. Expect auto-focus and possibly a flash Video Recording – A huge omission in the current offering – The increase in memory and processing, in these YouTube times, makes this a given Compass – Several sources are quoting an compass feature to be used in navigation and other iPhone apps.
  3. Subtle redesign of the exterior – Nothing major anticipated here as the design is proven, but a Matt Finish, refined bezzel and maybe a backlit logo are all being touted as ways to let your 1st and 2nd gen mates know what you’ve got the hotest iPhone.

Already Apple have on the release of iPhone OS 3.0, which introduces features such as Cut and Paste as well as support for subscription revenues for application developers.

Following his medical leave Steve Jobs is also expected to make an appearance (potentially via iPhone video) to assure both investors and consumers of his continued involvement.

Of course June could come and go without a sniff of a new released product. However the closer we get to the date the more likely we see evidence of resellers discounting stock in anticipation of the new products.

Bluetooth Headphones Tips – Prolonging Li-Ion Battery Life


Many Bluetooth headphones use the lithium-ion type of rechargeable battery. It is actually the most popular type of rechargeable battery not just among Bluetooth headsets but also for other electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones.

One main reason that Li-ion (lithium-ion) batteries are the favorite battery type of a lot of Bluetooth headphones is that these kinds of batteries have a bigger energy storage capacity. What this means is that Li-ion batteries have a greater energy-to-material ratio than the other kinds, such as nickel metal hydride (NiMH) or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. For the same amount of nickel or nickel-cadmium, the lithium-ion battery can hold more power.

The second main reason is that Li-on batteries do not degrade in performance even if you repower them while they are not completely depleted of stored power. Unlike other batteries, the Li-ion battery does not show the so-called memory effect. It also has stronger resistance to severe temperatures and does not self-discharge as fast as the other types when it is in storage.

Much as everyone would like Li-ion batteries to be eternal, the fact is that they have a limited life. When used appropriately and cared for, they can actually provide your Bluetooth headsets with power up to about three years. The key here is in knowing how to make your Bluetooth earphones’ Li-ion battery packs reach their optimal life span. Here are a few tips.

Do not completely empty your battery of power. Li-ion batteries actually do not need to be fully empty before you need to recharge them. As a matter of fact, you will decrease the life span of your batteries if you frequently let them go empty first before recharging them. However, it is also healthy to completely discharge your Li-ion battery from time to time, say, after every 25 or 30 partial recharge cycles.

Never subject your Li-on battery to high temperature when you recharge them. Not only will the heat be a safety risk but will also shorten your battery’s life and energy capacity.

If you are intending to leave your Bluetooth headsets unused for some time, you should make sure that the batteries are at least half-charged. Also, never leave the battery inside your Bluetooth earphones if you won’t be using the devices for a long period. If you do, the active material may leak out and corrode and damage your unit. Store the batteries in a cool place. Even the refrigerator will do, but never the freezer.

These practical tips are easy to remember. If you keep them in mind and follow them, you can be sure that your Li-ion battery for your Bluetooth headphones will last up to its maximum lifespan.


Let’s Get Digital and Build Bridges to Our Gen Y Kids

If you’re like me, you’re doing your best to keep your finger on the digital pulse beat of today’s world. Understanding and utilizing everything from Hotmail to Facebook; Skype to Twitter, we know the Internet age has changed how we relate and certainly, how we learn.

What I’m certain of is that our kids are wizards when it comes to digital comprehension and connection. Sadly, our education system has not yet arrived at using these tools as extensively in the classroom but we can certainly put them to use at home.

Check out the tips and questions below to see how digitally engaged you are and let’s get digital so we can help our kids use this amazing technology and its tools to help them think, learn and succeed in the classroom and beyond!

1. No turning back

  • We are not returning to the olden days–technology is here and on the rise. What’s the biggest concern for your child as technology advances at warp speed?
  • We now research everything on the Internet and not in the encyclopedia. Do you use the Internet to look things up or do you still use traditional methods like the phone book, dictionary or encyclopedias? Or do you Google it?
  • We need to willingly embrace change, abandon fear and help prepare our kids for the future. Do you feel that you are encouraging your kids in technology or are you a deterrent and hindrance for them in this area?

2. Know your child’s learning style.

  • Do you know the type of learner your child is–auditory, visual or kinesthetic? Encourage your child to express themselves by embracing their learning style through the use of technology–this is not always possible in the classroom.
  • Does your child enjoy expressing themselves in words? Blogging and social media, keeping a journal and sharing family news work within their learning style. Email, video and audio recordings are other ways to chronicle thoughts and ideas that can help encourage thinking and expression of ideas.
  • Auditory learners may enjoy audio books and listening to music to encourage a link between the way they learn and technology.
  • Kinesthetic learners who learn best by movement and touch, benefit from skits, role playing and demonstrations captured on video. You may find that if your child has this learning style, video games, Guitar Hero and the Wii pique his or her interest

3. Use the tools of the trade.

  • Which digital tools are you and your child using on a regular basis?
  • Which organizational tools does your child tend to gravitate toward? Electronic ones like Outlook and other digital applications or do they prefer pen and paper?
  • Use tools that will benefit our kids but may not used in school. Online calendars and cell phones can send reminders that will help them keep on top of projects, tests, quizzes and assignments. Helping them set up systems will serve them for many years to come.
  • What kind of system are you using to stay organized and able to access information as you need it? Mind maps can be built online as well through free software. These tools help students work on graphic organizers that they can add as their project evolves and give them an at-a-glance approach to papers and assignments.

4. Keep it current and stay connected.

  • How are you staying connected to friends? Are you using the same technology as your child?
  • What have you new technologies have you learned to use lately? Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Linked In? If not, why not?
  • Do you try to stay on top of the trend or do you feel out of step with the pace of the world and advancement of technology? Gen Y kids are addicted to technology. They don’t know another way of life and it will only become more a part of life not less.

5. Don’t be afraid to let them teach you.

  • Are you willing to let you kids show you how to do things?
  • Do you feel that your kids have patience when teaching you how to do something or you new technology?
  • Teaching is the highest form of learning and being the student allows them to build confidence as they share what they know. This also allows you the opportunity to help your child better communicate thoughts as they take you through the how-to process.

6. Implement what you have learned.

  • Kids think they can even if they’re not yet sure they can. They’re willing to try. What can you learn from their approach to learning and trying something new.
  • Our willingness to learn new things even when they may seem difficult or out of our depth is a great example to our kids that sometimes we have to just do it.

Top Five Cellular Phone Models in USA


With the advent of the mobile phone industry, mobile phone companies have long been contesting for the latest models that would captivate the market and make the buyers go “gaga” over it. So far, there are countless cellular phone models from BlackBerry, Apple, LG, and other companies.

The market differs in all parts of the world. A company may dominate in USA but not in Asia, same is true with the network service providers. Recently, there was a survey which showed a result of the Top five models in the US last year.

As you take a read, you will discover that according to and our reviews, sales show that the US mobile phone market is dominated by BlackBerry and no trace of Nokia could be felt.

First in the list is BlackBerry Bold 9000. What makes it a hit? It is a mobile professional and likely to be the best device on the market. This is a serious communication device catering to those who need the best of email and connectivity to their other office information in an instant. BlackBerry Bold is the best BlackBerry yet. It capitalizes on the industry-leading email and communication abilities and adds improved document handling features. While remaining enterprise centric it makes major multimedia and entertainment strides to broaden its market appeal.

Another great phone from Blackberry is their Blackberry Storm. What makes it the number 2 best seller for Americans? It is the first entry by smartphone leader BlackBerry into the world of touchscreens. BlackBerry’s claim to fame has always been its exceptional mobile email functionality and manufacturer Research In Motion (RIM) has steadfastly insisted that a physical keyboard is best suited for typing. That said, even stalwart RIM couldn’t ignore the market pressures, led by Apple’s phenomenally successful iPhone 3G, which have placed priority on a touchscreen.

The third spot is the throne of Apple iPhone 3G. This iPhone 3G isn’t necessarily blazing new territory, it is paving that territory, refining the available technologies, while placing at utmost importance the overall design of its body and interface. The reduced price tag, expanded memory and incorporated 3G technology are truly new, and are likely to represent a new direction for the industry. On another note, the iPhone 3G, like its iPhone predecessor, is taking a big chunk out of many different markets, offering a solid mix of business, entertainment and everyday use.

G1 Google Phones takes number four. The T-Mobile G1 is the first of many expected smartphones to reach the market that are based on the Google Android operating system. Before being introduced by T-Mobile, it was known as the HTC Dream. The Google Android OS is seen as having the potential to expand the capabilities of smartphones generally because of its open source orientation to third party applications. It is reasoned that because developers have free rein to show off their best and most creative work that the possibilities are limitless.

Doing well at number five is the LG Lotus. It has a unique and exceptional design that is both beautiful and functional. It is a great messaging phone that can send all types of text messages and can communicate by IM and email. It is also a great music phone that can play and store up to 12 GB of music.

Feel the American mobile phone culture, go buy one. Yes, one of the five top selling mobile phones in the United States.